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The best offer
Adults (12+ years )
Juniors (6-11 years )
Kids (0-5 years )

Our story

Located at the foot of the Low Tatras Mountains, in the valley of Demänovská Dolina, the Tri Studničky boutique hotel has been known for years as an oasis of peace and relaxation. Our wellness premises with a mountain beach, experiential gastronomy, and harmony and relaxation in the hotel can stop rushing and make you slow down. Indulge yourself in undisturbed tranquillity, make time for yourself, your loved one, friends, and grown-up children, or relax in the lobby lounge with a book in your hands. Listen to the sound of a burbling brook at the first ADULT FRIENDLY hotel in Jasná.


At the time when we do not have time to stop for a while, perceive the surroundings or even perceive ourselves and people around us, we at Tri Studničky decided to focus exclusively on an adult client. The stylish oasis of silence and greenery in the beautiful surroundings of the valley of Demänovská Dolina are perfect places for doing it. Rates for children are the same as for an adult. Our hotel services are adapted to adult clients and we even don’t have a kid’s corner, a kid’s menu, baby beds or activities for kids. Our wellness centre is open only for clients older than 15 years so that you can have a rest in peace and silence.

Our services are focused exclusively on adults, but all age groups are welcome to stay with us. If you decide to travel with children and look for full kids-friendly comfort, we recommend the Grand Jasná hotel located in the centre of Jasná – it is ideal to spend a family holiday. >>

Wellness for tranquillity, health and beauty

At the entrance to the boutique wellness you can enjoy the treatment with Himalayan salt scrub. Relieve your stress with massages and wraps, and relax in whirlpools and saunas. Massages for couples in an absolute privacy are a novelty and your great day can be perfectly complemented with the sunset on the first mountain beach by the brook of Demänovka.

Maximum comfort

We welcome our guest with a welcome drink and delicious refreshment. You will find comfort in a pleasant mountain atmosphere in our hotel rooms. From your room you can move to our elegant lobby bar at any time, providing you with views of the valley of Demänovská Dolina. Spend a great time with your partner playing board games, drinking a glass of wine or enjoying a delicious desert.

Unique gastronomy

If you decide to taste our specialties, we´ll provide you with meals prepared of local and seasonal ingredients. Our healthy and colourful breakfast is complemented, for example, with prosecco. Tasting evenings and cooking schools are arranged according to guests´ wishes.