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Teambuilding and Events

Make your private or corporate event livelier with a daytime or nigh time program in the Kaskáda Hotel or in the resort proper. Bring your team out on the green to enjoy the magic of golf together. Not golf players? We can arrange for a coach and a golf academy. Beside golf, you can have fun with bowling, table football, tennis or a sommelier-guided wine tasting. Reward your friends, colleagues or employees with an easy and peaceful relaxation tailored exactly to your liking by hotel Kaskáda.

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Golf Clinique

In 2 hours, you will acquaint yourself with the world of golf, golf equipment, you will practice basics of the golf stance, swing, golf drive, and putting (minimum of 4 persons).

Golf Clinique summary:

  • presentation of golf and basic golf etiquette
  • demonstration of a golf swing by a professional golf player, description of swing mechanics and hands-on swing practice
  • demonstration of putting on the practice green by a professional golf player and hands-on putting practice

Golf Academy

Golf Academy, or PUBLIC COURSE, comprises a series of 6 holes 56 to 121 metres long. Greens are shaped in a very interesting way and protected by sand traps as on a traditional golf course. Playing on the Academy is fun not only for a complete beginner, but for a practised player as well. Here, beginners can master their first moves and good golfers can use it to practice short shots. It is recommended to continue with the Golf Academy after the Golf Clinique as it focuses more on the hands-on experience.

Golf guide – a person walking the 6-hole course with the clients and helping them with their game. The number of guides needed depends on the number of persons playing on the 6-hole course. Maximum number of 6 guides is needed.


State-of-the art bowling alley comprises 2 professional lanes, each for up to 10 players. Lanes can be adjusted for children’s game using side barriers.

Golf simulátor

Full Swing Golf simulator provides the maximum golf experience when playing a game indoors. Golf players can choose between practicing their playing skills or playing a game of golf on one of the championship courses included in the software. Golfers are using standard golf clubs and balls; the strokes are led with the same power as if the golfers played the ball on the outdoor golf course. Maximum capacity 16 persons.  

Wine tastings

Sommelier-guided wine tasting (tasting of wines depends on the winery). Wine tasting can be incorporated as an unforgettable part of a pleasant evening in course of which you will learn a lot and taste fantastic wines.


Contact us, we will take care of you.

Are you planning a teambuilding or other event? We guarantee you a great experience and first-class service. Fill out our non-binding form and we will prepare a tailor-made offer according to your wishes.

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