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The best offer

Update 1.1.2021: We do not accept new hotel guests.

Dear guests, based on the latest decision of the Slovak government to tighten precautions, no new guests can be checked in at our hotels from 1st to 24th January 2021. Clients who have booked accommodation for the given period will be contacted. We will do our best to comply with their wishes.

We are sincerely thankful to all clients who have been helping us to offer safe moments at our hotels by respecting all precautions and will continue to do so also in future.

We are convinced that if we all behave responsibly, we will get through this together and can enjoy our hotels safely again as soon as possible.

Update 30.12.2020: For more comfort and safe moments.

Dear guests! Because the state authorities in Slovakia have ordered that every client who comes to our hotels and ski resorts must show a negative result of a COVID-19 test taken less than 72 hours before, we have arranged testing sites in our mountain resorts to guarantee more comfort to all of you and safe moments with us. So if you don´t manage to get tested in your place of residence or want to stay longer than for 72 hours with us, you – as one of our hotel guests can get tested for free in these testing sites. 

Considering the capacity and opening times of testing sites, please get tested at the place of your permanent residence to check in with a negative COVID-19 test. We can guarantee COVID-19 testing only from the day following after the check-in day.

The testing sites below will be at your disposal while staying with us: /free of charge/

Happy End, Jasná:  /more resort information  >>/

  • since 27.12. from 12am - 8pm (technical break from 3:30pm-4pm)
  • during the holidays 1.1.2021 and 6.1.2021, free antigen collection points will be closed

Tatranská Lomnica (next to Slovakia Hotel) and Štrbské Pleso (market place, opposite the Tatry Motion shop): /more resort information >>/

  • since 29.12.  from 9am to 6pm  (break time 1pm - 2pm)  

From 14.12.2020: We are still there for you and take care of your health and safety

The operation strategy of TMR hotels is adapted to new obligations of hotel, cable car and ski lift operators as well as clients of winter resorts related to the prevention of COVID-19. Every client who arrives at a hotel must present a negative COVID-19 test (antigen, RT-PCR) taken max. 72 hours before. We thus suggest taking the test at the place of one´s residence.

Everybody who stays in the High Tatras, in Jasná or the Liptov region for more than 72 hours can use one of local testing facilities which offer sufficient capacities. We appreciate your responsibility and thank you for respecting all regulations that help protect the health of all of us.

- testing sites in Slovakia >>

- regional information regarding precautions and testing facilities: Región Liptov

- precautions in resorts: Jasná

- current precautions that apply in Slovakia >>


  • Only guests with face masks covering their noses and mouths will be allowed at the hotel (applies to all common areas in the hotel interior).
  • Clients have to disinfect their hands or wear disposable gloves when entering the hotel.
  • Clients have to keep at least a 2-metre distance between each other in common hotel areas.
  • Payment by card will be preferred (cash is accepted too).


  •  Surfaces that our staff and clients come into direct contact with will be disinfected more frequently.
  • Members of the hotel staff will use protective equipment – face masks covering noses and mouths, as well as gloves.
  • Personal hygiene will be strictly observed by the staff, work clothes will be changed regularly.
  •  We recommend the staff keeps at least a 2-metre distance from clients


  • We suggest that only 1 person from each family is present at the check-in/check-out process.
  • Only one client per one reception staff member will be allowed at the reception counter.
  • Our receptions will be protected by acrylic glass.
  • Stands with hand sanitizers will be at disposal at reception counters.
  • Keys and chips will be disinfected every time the guests leave and come.
  • The interior will be disinfected regularly.


  • Cottages disinfected carefully after each check-out of guests.
  • There will be special CORONA KILLER packages with face masks and gloves (plus disinfectants for guests staying for 3 days) in all rooms.
  • Personal contact with the reception reduced as much as possible – client´s requests will be dealt with by phone


  • Breakfast will be served in the form of room service from 7:00am to 10:00am.
  • Dinner from the menu Á la carte in the form of room service.
  • The Lobby bar will be temporarily closed. Meals and drinks can be ordered at the reception.