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Activities in the Vysoké Tatry resort

Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso promise a lot of family, adventurous as well as relaxing activities. 

Štrbské Pleso

Chairlift trip

If you love Štrbské Pleso, make a trip with a 4-seater chairlift to Mt Solisko and enjoy breathtaking views.

Active relaxation

  • Oxygen keep-fit track = Štrbské Pleso is tailored not only for hiking but also to make a nice walk around Štrbské pleso (tarn). The so-called oxygen track with several workout stations runs around the tarn.
  • Boating on Štrbské pleso = 22 boats park at a new pier overlooking the Tatras. Using the services of a private rower or taking wedding pictures on the tarn surface might be unforgettable there.

Tatranská Lomnica:

Cable car trip

Travel with cable cars to the High Tatras and enjoy stunning views and unique moments. Cable cars operate from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté Pleso, Lomnické sedlo (saddle) and even to the top of Mt Lomnický štít at the altitude of 2,634 metres.

Delicious gastronomy

  • The highest located café in Slovakia = Dedo café on top of Mt Lomnický štít
  • Panorama restaurant = renewed Panorama restaurant in Skalnaté pleso with industrial design
  • Humno Tatry restaurant = a modernised and more comfortable restaurant and disco bar since July. Humno serves delicious specialities on the summer terrace and plays disco hits every Friday evening.

Active relaxation

  • Marmot Land at Skalnaté Pleso = The outdoor kid’s playground next to the chairlift station offers not only fun, but kids can take a look at the paw prints of Tatra animals. In addition to climbing frames, there are also carved wooden animals (a chamois, marmots, a bear, a lynx etc.).
  • Mountain carts = mountain cart rental; the track begins at the buffet of the Štart interchange station and ends at the lower cable car station in Tatranská Lomnica.
  • Encián lookout tower and gallery - Skalnaté Pleso = Climb to the altitude of 1,754 metres and enjoy unforgettable views from the lookout tower of the Encián building.

Discover a new peak

  • Discover a new peak in the High Tatras - Mt Veľká Lomnická veža (2,215 m). Take a chairlift to Lomnické sedlo (saddle, 2,190 m) and make a nice walk along a green-marked tourist trail to Mt Veľká Lomnická veža (2,215 m), a stunning lookout point and the highest peak of the so-called Lomnica ridge (Lomnický hrebeň), which is accessible comfortably also for families with children. Don’t forget to stop by where the famous mountain cottage of the main characters of cult Slovak films Copper Tower and Eagle Feather used to be built. If you are lucky, you might spot marmots that live on the meadows there.


  • Dinner under the Stars = a unique dinner below the stars of the Tatras; the experiential evening includes cable car transport to Skalnaté pleso, a delicious dinner in the renewed modern Panorama restaurant and unique starry sky watching and a professional explanation by scientists from the Slovak Academy of Sciences (6th July / 20nd July / 10 th August / 24th August / 14th September / 28th September 2024)

Starý Smokovec

Funicular trip

Hrebienok (1,285 m) is an attractive and sought-after destination in the High Tatras. Starý Smokovec – the oldest tourist centre is a significant traffic junction of the town of Vysoké Tatry. A road and a hiking trail run from the village to Hrebienok, which is the starting point of various hiking trails.

Delicious gastronomy

  • Restaurant Hrebienok = Before you get in the funicular to return back to Starý Smokovec, how about tasting some mountain specialities in the Hrebienok restaurant? There is a big sunlit terrace overlooking the surrounding peaks and a valley that you will love.
  • R. Jelínek tasting bar at Grandhotel Starý Smokovec = The specialised shop offers the widest range of R. JELÍNEK products in Slovakia. Choose from top fruit distillates of the traditional producer. The interior is stylish, comfortable and one can sit down while tasting various brand distillates.

Active relaxation

  • Zone of Pleasure = There are 10 wooden bears on the lower meadow of Hrebienok in the unique Zone of Pleasure. Visitors can have a look at them and relax on comfortable wooden beds next to them when taking a walk or hiking in the area.
  • Interactive gallery of Light – Quantarium = The left ground floor wing of the Hrebienok hotel, which is closed now, was renewed to create eight rooms with audio-visual multimedia shows, interactive exhibits to try and physical phenomena behind special objects to discover.

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