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Discover the attractive location of the High Tatras, the smallest high mountains in the world which offer breathtaking sceneries and views that are similar to those in the Italian Dolomites. Reward your friends, colleagues or employees and let them experience mountains tailored to your wishes – with Grandhotel Praha **** and the resort of Vysoké Tatry.

Vysoké Tatry
atypical teambuilding activities
kilometres of ski pistes
right next to the cable car
a variety of tourist trails


Add a new dimension to your trips in the High Tatras – with cycling. “Conquer” beautiful views of Slovak peaks, mountains, valleys, tarns and forests with two wheels. There is no need to take your bikes from home because Tatry Motion will be happy to lend you some. Use your day to the fullest. Choose a cycle route of a difficulty level that suits you best and top-quality bikes at great prices.


There is about 600 km of marked tourist trails in the territory of the Tatra National Park, running through valleys to various attractive localities such as alpine cottages, summits or over saddles with breathtaking views.

A trip to Hrebienok

Take a comfortable funicular to Hrebienok, which takes about 7 minutes, or walk up within less than an hour and discover the beauties of Tatra nature at the altitude of 1,285 metres. Hrebienok is a popular starting point of various tourist trails and an attractive destination of tourists who come to the High Tatras.

Mountain carts

Mountain carts are motorless three-wheelers that guarantee adrenalin adventures for everybody. The first three-wheeler was created by Josef Jessberger, an engineer from Bavaria. Nowadays, it is a popular summer outdoor attraction offered in various alpine resorts all around the world. Mountain carts are meant for all age groups and all terrain kinds (fields, forest roads, ski pistes). The only thing they need is good weather without rain. They are safe and ideal for anybody, including absolute beginners.

Music Pub & Restaurant Humno

Music Pub & Restaurant Humno is a stylish venue, tailored for your event – whether you are organising some training, a corporate event or a themed party. Listen to a lecture with a Cadillac Escalade hanging above your head, change your reading desk for a grooming machine to hold your speech. And after the official part is over, you don´t need to go anywhere. Humno guarantees the best entertainment. The modern barn-style building offers a top-class audio system and everything else that a proper party should have. Enjoy a culinary experience and great fun near a lower chairlift station in Tatranská Lomnica, with a view of Mt Lomnický štít.

Contact details and location

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Are you planning teambuilding or another event? Enjoy unforgettable moments and first-class services with us! Fill in our non-binding form to receive an offer tailored to your wishes.

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Tatranská Lomnica 8
Vysoké Tatry, 059 60